Shapran Dupka

The stone bridge Shapran Dupka is another interesting natural landmark near Belitsa village in the Rhodope Mountains. The Belishka River has made a hole though the rock and the result is a remarkable cleft. Near the Belitsa village you will find an old village called Hambar dere, where a part of the famous Bulgarian movie “Time of Violence” was filmed. The whole area around Shapran Dupka is charming. The locals know the landmark by the name Erkyupriya, where “er” in means “land” and “kyupriya” means “bridge” in Turkish.

Beautiful photo of the stone bridge Shapran Dupka.
The river has carved its way through Shapran Dupka.
The stone bridge Shapran Dupka.

How to get there?

Follow the road from Asenovgrad to Belitsa. The landmark is located 1.6 km northwest from the village.