Borovo Village

Found just 40 km away from Asenovgrad and 38 km away from the Bachkovo Monastery, the village of Borovo is a Bulgarian nook, which attracts tourists throughout the entire year, although it only has 90 original inhabitants. The village is located in the Prespanski part of the Western Rhodope Massive.

Many remains of ages past point that the place, on which the village currently stands, has been inhabited since V-IV BC. However, the first accounts we have of Borovo as a Bulgarian village come from documents of XI and XVI centuries.

The village of Borovo is famous for the beauty of the surrounding nature and the amazing flora, all of which can be seen in the near-by national forest reserves. For each person there is something interesting here. For those who like hunting, there is the “Kormisosh” reserve, largely famous for being one of Europe’s best hunting grounds. Another interesting place is “Chervena stena” (“Red Wall”), which is the biggest biospheric reserve. Apart from these two reserves tourists can also visit Belintash, Karadzhov kamak, the Gyumbyurtiyata waterfall, Lord’s Ascension chapel and other places, which are excellent for walks and taking pictures. For those of you who love mountain-biking there are suitable trails, from which you can also take a look at the amazing nature of the place.

In the area of Borovo village is found one of the most famous orthodox monastery complexes – “Krastova gora – Holy Trinity”. This is a place with rich history, where according to legends a piece of the Cross of Christ is buried beneath the foundation of the “Holy Trinity” monastery, which is built there.