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Narechenski Bani

Narechenski Bani The Narechenski Bani village is among the most famous Bulgarian balneological resorts. But this is not the only reason why the people of Bulgaria and the world like to visit the place. Actually, the nature there is exceptional, the air is clean and all this contributes to a completely relaxing experience. If you [...]

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Chepelare – What Can You Do There?

Chepelare Chepelare is a beautiful town in the Rhodopi mountains, which attracts many tourists both from Bulgaria and the world. The place is excellent for tourist trips both during the winter and the summer, although it mainly attracts skiing fans and lovers of maintain hikes. An interesting fact is that Chepelare is the second most [...]

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National Astronomical Observatory “Rozhen”

National Astronomical Observatory “Rozhen” The Rhodopi Mountains hide within them a lot of interesting places, but today we will introduce you to a particular one, which can take you far beyond the limits of Earth – the “Rozhen” observatory. It is an amazing choice for a tourist stop when you are having a trip around [...]

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Eco trails in the region

Eco trails in the region Ancient roman road – Asenovgrad – Bachkovo The eco trail’s length is 9 km, it begins in front of Asen’s fortress and ends in Bachkovo Village. You will need averagely 3.5 hours (at a slow pace) to get to the end of the eco trail. At the beginning, the [...]

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Shapran Dupka

Shapran Dupka The stone bridge Shapran Dupka is another interesting natural landmark near Belitsa village in the Rhodope Mountains. The Belishka River has made a hole though the rock and the result is a remarkable cleft. Near the Belitsa village you will find an old village called Hambar dere, where a part of the famous [...]

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Lord’s Ascension Chapel

Lord’s Ascension Chapel Near Borovo village (15 minutes on foot), on top of a ridge, is located the chapel “Lord’s Ascension”. The first thing that makes an impression is that the chapel is built at the end of a hill, however, there is a reason for this and the reason is that the view from [...]

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Hunting Reserve of Kormisosh

Hunting Reserve of Kormisosh Hunting Reserve of Kormisosh is located in the territory of town Laky and it covers a large area (41 930 hectares) in the Western Rhodopes. Kormisosh is 210 km from the capital Sofia and 50 km from the city Plovdiv. The forests in the area are mostly coniferous, the most common [...]

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Krastova Gora

Krastova Gora “Krastova gora – Holy Trinity” is one of the most popular landmarks in the Rhodope Mountains and in whole Bulgaria. There are legends and stories about this place, which arouse curiosity and interest in many Bulgarians and foreigners. This holy place attracts a large number of tourists every year. If you also want [...]

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Karadjov Kamak

Karadjov Kamak Peak Karadjov kamak – Karadjov’s stone – (1448 m) is located in the most southeastern part of the Gradishte elevation in Rhodope Mountains. The place is a high rock plateau with steep rocky slopes over 100 m high. The plateau covers an area of 4550 m². The whole plateau is covered with dozens [...]

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The Gyumbyurtiyata Waterfall

The Gyumbyurtiyata Waterfall Another awesome landmark is the Gyumbyurtiyata waterfall. It is located at 1.5 km southeastern direction from Belitsa Village, Laki municipality. Under the waterfall a small pool is formed, it offers a fine view and a nicely cooling off in the hot summer days. The waterfall is a protected natural area and it [...]

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