Chepelare is a beautiful town in the Rhodopi mountains, which attracts many tourists both from Bulgaria and the world. The place is excellent for tourist trips both during the winter and the summer, although it mainly attracts skiing fans and lovers of maintain hikes.

An interesting fact is that Chepelare is the second most highly set town in Bulgaria. That means you will get extremely fresh air, but also interestingly and jaw-dropping views from the mountains of Rhodopa. Today we will tell you what exactly you can do there and how you can easily get to Chepelare from the Kalina guest house in Borovo.

Not Just Ski Tourism!

Although it is famous mainly for its skiing possibilities, the town itself can offer a lot more! Chepelare is located close to the natural structure of the Wonderful (also known as Marvelous) Bridges. The rocky phenomenon is definitely worth the trip, which is an excellent way to spend your leisure!

Besides that in Chepelare you can see the “St. Athanasius” and “St. Mother of God” churches. They are extremely beautiful and deserve your attention. If you want something a bit more exotic, however, then you can definitely expect that from the speleology and karst museum. It is one of a kind on the Balkan Peninsula, but also for the entirety of Europe.

But if you are a fan of the ski sports and you want to learn a little bit more about them, you can visit the museum for ski sports in the town. There you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of skiing in Bulgaria and the area.

Another wonderful trip can be taken to mount Snow White, where the weather throughout the majority of the year is sunny and relatively warm, although it stands 1926 meters above sea level. In the area of Chepelare you can also find the Rozhen national observatory, for which we have an article in our blog. It is an excellent place, where you can spend your day, if you wish.

The courtyard of the monastery.
The icon of Virgin Mary, carried by the faithful.
Tourists inside the monastery's courtyard.

For the Lovers of Skiing

Chepelare is famous for its developed ski tourism niche, as the area gives you the opportunity to completely dedicate yourself to the winter sport. If you are more advanced, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush from the red track, which is 3250 meters long, but the green track also allows great fun with its length of 6 km.

But these are not all slopes. There are some more with different lengths and difficulties, so whether you are a novice or more advanced, you can find the right place for you at the Chepelare ski area. You can even find instructors at every level!

But skiing is not all! If you enjoy the rush of snowboards, you can have a go at it as well. There is even a set snowboard park.

How to get to Chepelare?

The road to Chepelare is relatively easy. From Borovo you take road 8611 towards Bachkovo. However, when you reach the forkroad, you don’t go to Bachkovo, but in the opposite direction on road 861, towards Laki. You follow the road to its end, where you take a right turn on road 86. It leads straight to Chepelare!