Narechenski Bani

The Narechenski Bani village is among the most famous Bulgarian balneological resorts. But this is not the only reason why the people of Bulgaria and the world like to visit the place. Actually, the nature there is exceptional, the air is clean and all this contributes to a completely relaxing experience.

If you prefer to enjoy natural, while you are on a vacation, Narechenski Bani is surely a wonderful place to do that. The fresh air of the Rhodopi Mountains creates the feeling of lightness, which is often missing from the big city.

Besides all these things, there are several interesting places in proximity to the village, so you can also visit them. That way it is completely possible to combine your relaxation-focused afternoon with a wonderful tourist trip to the different sights in the area.

The Zarenitsa Fortress

From all the places, which you can visit, the most remarkable one is the Zarenitsa Fortress. It is dated to the time of the Thracians and is basically a history lesson. You can draw that conclusion from the specific way, in which the fortress is built. There are 2-metre stone blocks used for this purpose.

If you are a fan of walks and trips, we have some good news – actually, if you want to see the fortress, you will have to walk a little bit. With regular walking speed you can get there from Narechenski bani in about 4 hours. However, a lot of people find the terrain to be fairly easy and they can complete the trip even faster – in about two and a half hours.

On the way you can enjoy the amazing nature of the Rhodopi Mountain, along with breathtaking sights of vast meadows. It is definitely worth it to take the trip, which will take you out of the daily stress even more.

Дворът на манастира.
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Туристи в двора на манастира.

Other Notable Places

If you want to add more to your tourist trip, you can also look at the different places we have mentioned in the blog of the Kalina Borovo Guest House. A lot of them can be found in proximity to Narechenski Bani and you can have an extensive tourist day.

Pay attention to the unique feeling you will get out of visiting the Wonderful Bridges. Bachkovo is another nice place to include in your trip overall.

Let’s Not Forget The Balneotherapy

The main reason, because of which people choose to go to Narechenski Bani, is precisely the balneotherapy. For many visitors it is one of the few things, which help them relax completely and temporary forget about their day to day problems.

There are different types of balneotherapy, with hydromassages being one of the most pleasant, contributing to complete relaxation or stimulation of different nerve endings. The high mineralization of the water is extremely beneficial to the body, since it contains silicon, sulfur, selenium and radium.

Let’s not forget that balneotherapy has not only calming properties, but also completely medicinal as well. It is successfully used to treat certain condition, so you can research more about it. That way you can get even more out of visiting Narechenski Bani.

How To Get There?

It is fairly easy to reach the place. From Borovo village you exit through the northern end. From there follow the road until you reach road 8611. Go with it. At the end of 8611 turn right to take 861. When you reach the end of the road turn left. That is road 86, which will lead you to Narechenski Bani shortly.