Eco trails in the region

Ancient roman road – Asenovgrad – Bachkovo

The eco trail’s length is 9 km, it begins in front of Asen’s fortress and ends in Bachkovo Village. You will need averagely 3.5 hours (at a slow pace) to get to the end of the eco trail. At the beginning, the route will sweep down, at some places you will be able to see Dobrostan’s elevation, peak Bezovo and Chervena skala, as well as the Chepelare River’s valley. The road has been actively used until the beginning of 20th century. About 70% of the route is covered with remnants of impressive supporting walls. You can also see two roman bridges. Follow the trail to Lqskovska River, go across the roman bridge, and pass through the villas, due to the construction activity in recent years, at some places the trail will be difficult to spot, so be careful. Turn right, there you will find a steep cart-track, follow it. At its top, you will find a place with a beautiful panorama, where you can rest. In order to find the other part of the roman trail, you will have to follow the marked trail through the forest. There is a ravine after it, there you will pass near a destroyed roman bridge. Beautiful views and panoramas adorn the whole way to Bachkovo.

The view above the road to Bachkovo.
The ancient roman road near Lukovitsa.
The ancient road and mountain in the summer.

The Green path – Bachkovo

The eco trail begins at the gate facing the Bachkovo monastery. Through the whole walk, you will be able to see many natural wonders. You will find large glades, water fountains, summer-houses, picturesque waterfall and a cave. In order to get inside the cave, you will have to follow the winding staircase near the rock. According to legends, monks have hidden an icon of Virgin Mary that was later found by a local shepherd. From the end of the cave, the staircase leads to a road, from which you can get to St. Archangel Michael’s Chapel.

The winding staircase near the rock.
The cascade near the eco trail.
At some point, you will have to pass this wooden bridge.

Komin Dere

The eco trail “Komin dere” is 4 km long and begins in the town of Laki. It offers lovely panorama, you can see protected plants (depending on the season) and all kinds of wild animals.

You can admire the beautiful view while having a rest at this summer-house.
These wooden tables and benches are suitable for picnic.
The breath-taking view from the top of the hill.


Eco trail Mogila begins from the centre of Drqnovo Village (18 km south of Borovo Village). The trail is 14 km long and can be finished for averagely 4 hours. It passes through forests and meadows. If you feel tired, you can always have a rest at the wooden tables and benches built in 5 different places. The panoramas through the whole eco trail are more than breath-taking.

If you feel tired you can always rest in this summer house.
Wooden benches and table and the view towards the opposite hill.
The eco trail lies near a small wood.

The path of the Heart  

If you enjoy walking in nature, then near Krastova gora you will find countless eco trails, which lead to most of the still active chapels, most beautiful nature and cultural-historic landmarks in the region, Thracian sanctuaries, etc. Popular eco trails are: “The Path of the Heart”, which is composed of three separate trails (the average time of completing one of them is 2-3 hours), and “Belitsa village-Krastova gora” trail with length 12 km, it starts from complex “Krastova gora” and ends in Belitsa village. We advise you to not miss the chance of going for a walk and exploring the incredible views in the Rhodope Mountains.

The eco trails begins here.
A wooden bridge and the stream below it.
A map of the eco trail.